The digital revolution is affecting the shipping industry to the better in unprecedented ways.

Comprehensive ship management is often a challenge for shipping companies. By joining forces with strong players in the maritime industry and creating synergies through strategic partnerships, Mare Management has developed a very efficient and cost-effective ship management platform.

At Mare Management we have successfully taken the tried-and-tested principles of conventional ship management and propelled them into the 21st century through digitalization, offering all stakeholders – from shipping clients to onboard sea mariners – key information that can facilitate decision making and help them manage and operate vessels. Our digitalization partners have taken every effort to ensure that these digital platforms are easy to use while maintaining the familiarity of traditional shipping practices.

Importantly, digitalization also offers complete transparency which in turn supports smoother management, better compliance, enhanced cost control and more accurate dissemination of information to relevant parties.

It reduces the need for constant emailing and telephoning while providing a suite of services from any portable device or smartphone.




  • Technical and financial reports
  • Maintenance planning, alerts and records
  • Invoices and purchase reports
  • Performance and crew reports
  • Crew records and payroll
  • Real-time fleet positions
  • Charter records and information
  • Inspection reports
  • Instant access to vessel certificates
  • Report synchronization with shore-based offices
  • Tailored user reports and key performance indicators