Our maritime responsibilities involve recruiting and managing numerous teams from different parts of the world. Often, many members on these teams come from underprivileged communities or backgrounds, which makes it more important than ever for us to apply the UN’s sustainable development goals related to poverty, education and inequality.

With these goals in mind, Mare Management is always striving to empower both our seafarers and shore staff through different mechanisms such as cadet programs, training sessions and seminars related to a number of fields such as safety, leadership, compliance and environment.

In addition to encouraging personal development and growth within the company, we strive to improve working conditions onboard continuously.


Times are changing, and we are very aware that the maritime industry must become more environmentally sustainable to thrive. In this respect, we are examining ways to take action on the reduction of emissions in shipping. Already, by integrating one of the most digital ship management platforms into our operations, we are now helping shipping companies and sea captains to plan their trips in a way that minimizes emissions and reduces air pollution.

On another level we are contributing to the efforts of OceanCare, a Swiss-based organization committed to protecting marine wildlife and reducing sea pollution. In parallel, we are exploring ways aboard vessels we manage to also minimize sea pollution such as plastic, oil and chemicals. There is much do be done in this respect, and we are exploring the many different possibilities that will help contribute to a better planet.